Fracking Filings

Fracking aka Hydraulic fracturing is a well-stimulation technique in which rock is fractured by a pressurized liquid to create cracks in deep-rock formations through which natural gas and petroleum can flow more easily.

It began as an experiment in 1947 but today it’s one of the key methods of extracting unconventional oil and gas resources in the United States.

The European Union has adopted a recommendation for minimum principles for using hydraulic fracturing, including full list of additives. However, in the United States, regulations are less strict with the Ground Water Protection Council having a voluntary disclosure database. Fracking is also is excluded from the Safe Drinking Water Act’s underground injection control’s regulation, except when diesel is used.

Vermont is on the road to completely ban hydraulic fracturing due to health risks, including contaminated water, and potential environmental impacts with New York state appearing to be next.

Except state filings and cases against fracking to increase rapidly in the following years, just as the methodology itself.