Pre-Trial Social Media Issues

There’s no denying that social media permeates nearly every area of our lives.

So it shouldn’t be any surprise that this can both be an invaluable tool in the pre-trial phase as well as a detriment, depending on which side of the case you’re on, of course.

With courts allowing the admission of social media evidence as discovery when it’s relevant, attorneys and personal investigators now have a new tool to find information that plaintiffs and accuers may not have been filtered.

For example, in a recent case of mine, a man named Alex was taking his insurance company to court because he claimed he had suffered injuries in an accident that left him unable to work or have a normal life. Alex said he was unable to support himself finanically and would require a living wage for the rest of his life.

What Alex didn’t realize was that the insurance company’s investigators would befriend him and research his social media accounts as part of its discovery progress. Imagine their surprise when they came across recent photos of Alex skiing during a trip to Colorado.

Needless to say, Alex dropped his case faster than a ball rolls down the ski slope.